« Trudging in the forest, pacing up and down the paths and the game tracks, on all fours in the moss or bare legs across the water, wandering along the valleys, tumbling down sharp slopes, discovering the natural treasures through the seasons, this is what trail is all about ! »

The Challenge Haute Ardenne de Trail embodies this philosophy in the surroundings of a typical region of the High Plateaus of Ardenne.
The basins of the rivers Ourthe, Lienne, Salm, Aisne and their tributaries draw the curves of this region. And aren’t trailers keen on curves ?
The CHAT would like to build partnerships with local businesses and communities that are willing to advertise their activities or products through the Feel Your Nature program.
These committed businesses are :

If you want to know more about the partnership program : Feel Your Nature info@challenge-haute-ardenne.com